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Camel Safari

Our Camel Safari is an unforgettable eco-adventure combining walking, camel ride and camping with Spectacular views and knowledgeable guides. Experience the thrill of camel back-riding across the African savannah, with a small group of friends or even alone, surrounded by tradition, wildlife and outstanding scenery. Our camel safari allows you to have the most authentic way to experience the real African safari, culture and people.

They allow you to go deep into the heart of the bush where you can observe closely giraffes, zebras and many other animals without sitting in a vehicle all day, track elephants on foot and get in touch with the local communities that are perfectly knowledgeable of their rich cultural and natural heritage.

Our knowledgeable and entertaining guides will introduce you to the area and take you on a gentle nature walk through the African Sahara and amongst communities for a true ecoeducational experience. The camel is perfectly adapted and widely used throughout Northern Kenya.

They are usually used for pack animals rather than riding, and are ideal as back up on a trek through the bush. Camels with saddles are usually also supplied for those who want to ride.

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