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White Water Rafting

Whitewater rafting is a fun day out for anyone over the age of about 9 years. In total you'll be in the boat for around four to five hours. Depending on water levels, you may have to get out of the boat at some places and then be put in at different points. White water rafting safaris in Kenya provide a combination of whiteknuckle adrenaline thrills and scenic bird viewing on a wilderness safari on game viewing. The spectacular scenery and abundant birds and game make rafting in Kenya a unique experience. The length of trips can be tailored to your own requirements and there are a variety of rivers to choose from.

The Tana River

The Tana River is a drop pool river offering and the adventure starts with a 3 km stretch of easy class II and III white water, where there is plenty of opportunity to practice the paddle skills required to run the lower part of the river. A 6 km section follows with an hour or so of relaxation to view the abundance of bird life around. Cool off with a swim in the warm water. The final 7 km of river, back to the campsite starts with some easy class III waters where paddle commands are gone over again. It is now time for the 3 big rapids (class IV and V) with names like Captains Folly, Can of Worms,(taking its name from its four 90 degree bends in succession) and Sphincter Flexor. Subject to water levels we may be able to do some surfing in "fish eye" and then swim the next couple of smaller rapids. Numerous smaller rapids brings one on to the last big one - Spasm, a series of drops over ¾ km with a big surprise half way through.


You're going to be out in the sun for a lot of the day, so take long sleeved shirts and trousers if you have a tendency to get sun-burnt. You're also very likely to get soaked through, so wear clothes that you don't mind getting wet. Shoes need to be securely on your feet and shouldn't come off. At some point you may be able to swim in the river, so a swimming costume under your clothes is probably a good idea.

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